Retouching. Designing.

Pixelmoova, a designer by heart, who found the passion for retouching some years ago.
Attending a course by famous retoucher Natalia Taffarel, I found out, retouching means much more to me than I thought. And complete new world opened for me: Beauty and fashion retouching! To work with a photographer on an image, to find the most perfect color, to bring out even more beauty of a captured photograph ... This is what I love!

Besides retouching, I love to design. Flyers, brochures, ads, you name it.
Check out my portfolio for some examples of my work of the last years.
And if you want to know more about me or my work, just contact me:

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To practice my retouching skills I am always looking for inspiration. If you are a photographer, a stylist, fashion designer or make-up artist and you find my portfolio inspiring, just leave a message! And maybe we can mean something for each other. You for my portfolio, me for your portfolio.